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Friday, October 16, 2009

Why J. Schwartz,llc is Different…

Joe founded J. Schwartz,llc to be a leader in the fine home remodeling and home building business. He believes that each and every project should be treated with the highest levels of professionalism, and that being chosen to work in/on someones home is the highest of compliments and is an honor.
J. Schwartz,llc integrates the latest “building science” with our projects – in each of the projects that will benefit, we utilize a “test-in, test-out” procedure that quantifies the parameters that tell us about the safety, efficiency and health of the home. It is often easy, of low cost, and smart to make a house more efficient as a whole as construction i sbeing done.
Each project that J. Schwartz,llc does is assigned a “project team” as required by that project – the smallest team consists of a Supervisor and a Project Laborer; this team will be on-site throughout the project and will be familiar with every aspect. Along with the project team, Joe Schwartz will be on site as required and will run weekly meetings with the project team, consultants, subcontractors, owners, architects and engineers. Meeting minutes will be published as necessary and task items will be assigned.
No matter what type of contract is chosen for the project, all of the Change Orders in our projects are “open book”; this means that our clients should feel free to approach us with potential wishes because they can be assured that the stereotypical “gouging” will not happen.
J. Schwartz,llc uses the latest technology to keep our clients informed, our subcontractors on schedule and suppliers in-the-loop. Each client receives their own password for our web-based management system that includes the project schedule (that automatically sends reminders to the player(s) involved), progress photos, document files, change orders, option selection centers, and correspondance. The system is available from anywhere that has web access, 24 hours a day…

It is of paramount importance to us that the final product be the best that it can be…and we work with our clients through every step, and every decision to make sure that it is.

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