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Monday, October 11, 2021

Total War Three Kingdoms Trade Agreement Limit

The last and equally important diplomatic option is trade. Trade is divided into several parts. You can send or receive a certain amount of gold from a different fraction as a one-time or long-term payment. This also applies to food – you can send a certain amount of food to another fraction during X turns or get from another group. The third possibility is to act on objects – weapons, armor, mounts, supports or accessories – in exchange for influence, gold or the application of other diplomatic options. Also, each fraction of the list displayed on the right side of the screen has a symbol with a face painted in one of the above colors. Move the cursor above to find out the details of the relationship – what contracts between the political groups have been included, what are the positive and negative aspects of the relationship, the current level and the level the relationship will have in the next round. What is particularly noteworthy is “Trending towards”, which allows you to determine, for example, whether a particular political group changes its attitude towards you in the next round (declaration of war, proposal for a trade agreement or diplomatic and/or military alliance). In general, you want other groups to like you, as this greatly reduces the likelihood that they will declare war on you and invade you and increase their chances of accepting different pacts/agreements/agreements. Each political group has an attitude towards yours, which is determined by a large number of factors.

This includes: a high trust rating means that other groups are more likely to offer and accept agreements with you. It reflects how trustworthy/reliable you are seen by others, and is separate from the attitude (see below) that reflects how much one political group likes another group. Unlike the attitude that depends on the group, reliability is an overall assessment. This means that all groups will consider you firm or unconfessed, etc. The game offers 117 fractions,[11] each with a unique list of units and agenda as well as general bonuses and penalties. Eight of them are playable when first published, others are included either for free or as paid downloadable content. The playable factions are divided into ten cultural groups: Greek, Latin, Punisch, Celtic, Germanic, Desert Nomad, Iberian, Tribal Nomad, Balkan and Eastern. Everyone has unique characteristics. Some factions focus on military conquests (like the barbarians), while others (like the Hellenes or Easterners) focus more on diplomacy and trade.

The playable factions of the classical era are the Roman Republic, Carthage, Ptolemaic Egypt, the Kingdom of Seleukiden, the Parthia, the Iceni, the Arverni, the Suebes and Macedonia. If you add it up, you always sit at a -1 in total for trade, which means you just have to soften the pan a little more before My accepts. You can reduce the number of inventory you request, the amount of money you`re willing to pay, or even add something else to the business, for example. B an article of any kind. It is an elegant system that comes with great flexibility and potential for some very creative professions. One of the most useful tools for commerce is the “Make it work” button. If you can`t make a deal with Ma for these valuable military equipment, you can click the button and your commerce page is automatically filled with items that it accepts instead. It`s an incredibly useful tool that even makes trades a breeze. Suppose you are in enemy territory and have little military supply. You can ask Ma Teng for a few that come with a trading value of -5.

It`s obvious that Ma probably won`t just give away military stock for free, so you offer up to 300 coins as payment that comes with a trade value of +4. If a political group breaks a diplomatic agreement, especially a recent agreement, the assessment of that group`s background will decrease. . . .

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