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Saturday, October 9, 2021

Steam Agreement

Outsourcing service and maintenance work offers the least expensive solution. Our engineers help you establish an agreement that offsets your maintenance/service requirements in your budget. The Parties acknowledge that this Agreement, the Smoking Gas Agreements and the Steam Agreement are part of an integrated transaction. Preferred call and repair service (optional). SESCO and NEWCO are in compliance with the SESCO Service Agreement and the SESCO-Steam Agreement, unless the non-compliance is not likely to affect any party to the loan, agent or lender and no “default event” has occurred within the meaning of the SESCO, Company or NEWCO Service Agreement. All other provisions, conditions and conditions contained in our Steam Agreement of January 15, 1992 remain in effect. In the event of a special termination event, either party may terminate the Agreement within thirty (30) days, for as long as it agrees to terminate the Steam Agreement and neither party shall be liable to the other party after the date of termination, except as provided in points 3.3 and 16.4 with respect to commitments entered into prior to the date of termination. NEA may decide, at any time prior to the termination of this Agreement, whether major repair or replacement of rear devices is maintained and whether cash or credit payments are made to BOC for amounts due under this Agreement or the Steam Agreement, provided that NEA`s share of the excess costs for the period: which begins thirty (30) days after the date of notification, is remunerated. During this period, payment was made for NEA`s excess costs. For this reason, BOC and NEA agree, within the framework of the agreements provided for in the Steam Agreement and taking into account the aforementioned premises and the mutual commitments set out above, as well as for other considerations of quality and value whose receipt and insufficiency are hereby confirmed. 1. The steam system maintenance contract shortens Daniel Thwaites Brewery`s carbon footprint. Preventive maintenance at will.

Terms, provisions, conditions, rights, as in the Steam Agreement between First Island Partners, L. In light of the mutual obligations and obligations set forth in this Agreement and the Steam Agreement, NEAreby leases to BOC and BOC the exclusive right to use and use the facility and location of the facility (as described in Appendix A) and the equipment for the period of operation in its current state of “see”. subject to the conditions set out below. BOC has no obligations with respect to the installation, unless expressly stipulated in this agreement, the BOC flue gas sales agreement and the steam agreement. Savings and benefits are visible through tracking and progress reporting, resulting in a reduction in total operating costs….

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