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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Uhi Student Partnership Agreement

The agreement for the year 20-21 was reached with the University Quality Assurance and Improvement Committee (QAEC) and HISA. You can read the SPA 2020-21 here. This file also contains details of progress on the work themes listed in the BSG 2019-20. Please send an email if you would like more information. The 2019-20 Student Partnership Agreement defines how HISA and UHI will work together to appeal to all students throughout the partnership. The University of Edinburgh and the University of Edinburgh Students` Association have a long and productive partnership. This agreement builds on the strength of this partnership. It shows how the larger university, including all students and staff, can work effectively together to improve the student experience. It puts an end to our values, our approach to partnership and the priorities we have agreed to work on together. The Student Partnership Agreement describes how students and the university work in partnership. It is reviewed annually and documents activities over time. The document was developed in light of the recommendations of the Post-16 Education Green Paper, in which all Scottish universities argued for a Student Partnership Agreement (SPA) with their student association. The government hoped that the agreements would show how students can influence the life of their university and identified areas where staff and students can work together to improve the student experience.

The university was the first in Scotland to introduce a BSG. If you would like to learn more about one of the workstream activities, talk to your HISA representative or studentengagement@uhi.ac.uk Inverness College UHI and Highland Rugby Club have signed a unique partnership agreement that they will work closely together to create quality opportunities to encourage young people to stay in the region and attract talent from other countries. Please contact HISA or studentengagement@uhi.ac.uk if you would like more information. The 2019-20 agreement was reached with the University`s Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committee (QAEC) and HISA and signed on October 9 by HISA President Alan Simpson and University President Crichton Lang. Graham Findlater, President of the Highland Rugby Club, said: “Highland RFC is pleased to promote and develop rugby in the Highlands in partnership with Inverness College UHI. This exciting opportunity will enable the two partners to strengthen excellent cooperation initiatives. We hope in the future to create new links with Inverness College UHI and contribute to other higher or higher teaching opportunities to help all students. How students and university staff work in partnership to improve the student experience. Student partnership agreements are a way for student associations and institutions to promote opportunities for students to interact with university staff to improve quality. Chris Hildrey, Regional Director – Caledonian North, Scottish Rugby, said: “Scottish Rugby is pleased to support two important partners in its initiative, which is truly important for the future development of rugby, not only in Inverness, but throughout Caledonia North.

Our national and regional strategy describes exactly how investments and resources can be adapted to such a partnership, and we would like to congratulate all parties involved for putting the project into this phase. As part of the formal partnership, students from different disciplines at Inverness College UHI have access to quality work experience and volunteering opportunities at the Highland Rugby Club.

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