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Monday, August 17, 2009

We have added a web-based project management tool!

J. Schwartz,llc has added a web based project management and controls system to our management toolbox allowing for even higher levels of efficiency, accuracy and expediency.

Clients, subcontractors and consultants are issued screen-names and passwords and the information that they can see is custom tailored to their project role. The portal into the system is right on www.jschwartzconstruction.com and is labeled “client-center”.

This new system allows us to publish project information to the client, subcontractors, Architects, engineers and suppliers in real-time. It is a fully interactive, centralized place for all project related correspondence, drawings, specifications, and progress photos (that can be e-mailed directly from the system), and it automatically updates the home-owner and subcontractors of schedule changes via e-mail and text message!
The system also allows home-owners to make selections on-line in the “options” section; and when an option is approved, the related subcontractor is automatically notified of the approval of the selection; the change-order process works in much the same way – with automatic e-mails being sent as soon as the home-owner approves the change. Once the project is in “punch-list” phase, there is a scheduling, assignment and notification tool available to streamline that process, as well.

As you can see, even though the economy has slowed things down a bit, we see this period as an opportunity to make our business even more efficient, client and user friendly so that our responsiveness and accessibility are even better than before.

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