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Friday, June 11, 2010

Another View Into a Crystal Ball – Remodeling in General

How many homeowners have bought houses over the last 5-7 years and have said, “it’s fine for now, but later on we will (add/change/fix) that”?
It was an easy thing to do when money was cheap and everyone was happily employed and had a great outlook towards the future…
But what about now? Some may still be doing the same thing – especially those that are finding great deals, but most are not doing anything
J. Schwartz,llc is blessed to be very busy with some fantastic projects now – but we feel that we are in a special category with a great, loyal client base, and we offer a fantastic service and product most builders/remodelers are not. Most builders are slow, to say the least – and many are no longer with us. We find that many of our current projects (but certainly not all) are from those homeowners that bought a few years back with the wish of what they needed to change in their new home not too far from the front of their minds. For those that are able, now is the time that they needed to do their projects on the otherwise less-than-perfect home.
So as the inventory of homes that were bought with a not-to-distant to-do list get their facelifts/additions/renovations and the lists are completed, there will most likely be less of that kind of project available – which is unfortunate. It is unfortunate not only for those of us that excel in the process, but also for homeowners and the general appeal of our environment. It is often these projects that take an “old” house and turn it into a beautiful, alluring home that increases surrounding home values, and the general aesthetic of the neighborhood. They often start the snowball rolling and sometimes whole developments and neighborhoods are made better-than-new; and the entire area may even increase in value.
While J. Schwartz,llc is confident that we will be providing remodeling services well into the future because of our stature in the market, we feel that the overall genre may be on life support for some time.

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